You probably have never heard of us ...

... but we're sure you've listened through us:

Ever used smart-voice assisted speakers?- the chances are high they are driven by our technology.

Ever used smart-voice assisted speakers? – the chances are high they are driven by our technology.

If you visit a Hi-Fi Store, most of the really expensive devices are using our hardware and software.

Our software enables a whole portfolio of music services, including Spotify, Tidal and Deezer, in numerous consumer products.

As you know C++ and you are already familiar with us or our products - maybe you'd like to pay us a visit too. And even stay.

Help us to bring crystal-clear music, sound and voice to even more people.

This could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity


... love music, sound, voice and all the cool gadgets playing or streaming it.

... would like to buy your Mom great music equipment and tell her that you “built the part that makes the music” in it. So she stops telling her friends that you “repair computers” for a living (because she has no clue what C++ is).

... want to choose your own hardware and software.

... see the world: China, US, Japan – we pay your ticket.

.. want to work at a company which feels like home.

... are a Night owl or early bird – choose your best work time.

AND – if you’d like to work on projects shaping the future – we have some serious stuff going on: read about it

You will fit right in if:

C++ is your thing.

A company with 100 other crazy geeks (and a few “normal” people) feels like home to you.

Seeing embedded hardware doesn't freak you out.

You like to work independently, with your boss trusting you to find the best solution.

Equally important – This is NOT for you if:

You prefer hand-holding, lots of processes, structures and project managers organizing your work.

If you are used to responsibility, vaguely distributed over a group of people: There is no such thing in our company. People are always willing to give you a helping hand, but in the end it is your work, your responsibility.

At StreamUnlimited you will start as a C++ Software Engineer ...
... where this journey takes you is up to you!

These are typical job progressions:


Software Architect



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