Senior Full Stack Engineer


Senior Full Stack Engineer




Despite what everyone is saying, it is NOT all about the inner values.

That’s why we want our software interfaces to look great.
They should be fun to use and hint at the massive performance that hides in the backend.
We are not there yet. This is our „OK“-Interface as it looks right now:

That’s why we are looking for someone to: 

So if you think right now: „Yeah sure, I could do that …, but why exactly should I join you people?“, then please read on. 

1. JOB


Imagine sixty-nine engineers building a racing car … and you are the person designing the driver seat.

This is basically what this job is about.
Sixty-nine devs (out of 177 people) are building the Bitmovin product – and you will be the person making its user interface as powerful as the engine under the hood.
Your work is going to impact a lot of people.  

Too many products are not able to show their potential because they are complicated. They are slow. They don’t work reliably.
Furthermore, they look bland and confusing.
Interfaces that carry your signature are different. User love their elegance, simplicity and power.
They empower their users and allow them to what they want to do with ease.

To do that, we’d love the right person to spend their time:

That’s right: As much as we love you to join us to implement stuff today, we need you to become better in the future by levelling up the tech foundation and the team. If you don’t envision yourself spending a lot of time helping other engineers grow, then this job is probably not a good fit for you. 






Infrastructure/ Datastore

That’s how we code:

One-week SCRUM sprints. 

Pair programming, code reviews, TDD, whiteboard sessions, 

Long stretches of uninterrupted deep work and focus. 

Github Pull Requests. 



So what exactly are we doing here at Bitmovin? What does our product do? 

Video content already makes up 82% of Internet traffic and is only going up. 
As a developer you are probably aware that video content needs to be encoded before it can be streamed. 
No big deal, usually. You grab one of the standard encoders, feed it with your video file and let it run overnight. Job done. 

But what if you produce hundreds of hours worth of video content – per week. Like companies such as BBC, RedBull, DAZN and other media giants do? 
Then either you develop a very efficient encoder and install a huge IT-infrastructure – or you get Bitmovin. 

Clients feed their content in large batches into our massive cloud computing backend, encode them with our own powerful encoder and we tell them when their files are ready for streaming. 

And you guessed it: The interface they are using to do all this is the one you will be building. 


We are working in one-week-sprints, kicking off every Monday with a compact retrospective and planning session. 

Frequently this sparks discussions about how to design and implement the new features – in dedicated meetings or over a cup of coffee. 

The product owner is happy to join in to give his input, solution architects are welcomed into the sparring sessions if necessary. Our team members consider this phase the most fun part of the week.

Daily stand-up is scheduled at 9:45 to accommodate night-owls on the team. 

At the end of every week, the new features are release into production. 

Feedback cycles from customers are extremely quick. Our rigorous test suite and monitoring systems allow us to be aware what’s going while having control over the entire process. 



So, how is the team? 
Of course, the team is great. Come on, we are talking about ourselves here.

What can you expect:

Can you see yourself fit in?