How 5G Systems Has Become One of the Best Companies SW-Developers Want to Work For

Tom Priglinger, CEO and co-founder of 5G systems told his story at the “Die GANZE Geschichte” (the whole story) Event, where IT-entrepreneurs talk about their successes, setbacks, emotional rollercoasters and secrets. 

Please note: This interview has been written after the event, trying to preserve the most important ideas about 5G systems. It is not a word-for-word transcription of the interview 

The interview has been conducted by Alex Rammlmair, host of the event. 

Alex - Great to have you here, Tom.

Tom – Thanks for having me.

So, Tom, what’s the story behind founding 5G?

To be honest, we never had this big ambition to change the world or become the next unicorn. Actually, we didn’t have anything that investors would consider a “Big vision”. Our plan was actually much simpler: If we create a place where the best developers want to work and where they can give their best – what can really go wrong? 

What can go wrong?

Well, actually lots of things *laughs*. And quite a few things went sideways. 

Of course, you need customers and we didn’t have any to start with. Combine that with a number of well-paid people on your payroll and you know things have to change or the lights will go out soon. But once we got our first customer and he realized what we were able to do, the demand for our service increasedActually, much faster than we could cope with.

Lots of development companies claim that they provide superior quality and have great people who love to work there. What makes you different?

To be fair, I have no idea what work is like in most companies and I’m sure that many do a pretty good job. What made us different is that we wanted to create the perfect place for top developers to work and put everything else second, including customers and productsClassic business wisdom dictates starting with a product or service vision, and then do your